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Editorial Reviews

"Throughout the twists and turns of this adventure story, even secondary characters are well fleshed-out and compelling, producing a pleasing blend of action and emotional drama.


E.G. Radcliff is a talented world-builder, with a clear and well-communicated vision of her human and fae worlds, including traditions, social conventions, magic, war-craft, food, and language. Descriptions are lush but never slow the action. The plot is inventive, and clever use of dialogue keeps the information flowing without overwhelming the reader. It also adds a strong element of humor... this is a highly engaging epic fantasy that should have wide appeal."

-Blue Ink Reviews (read the full review)

Link to BlueInk review of The Wild Court

[A] fast-paced YA fantasy [...] Even secondary characters are compelling, and Radcliff skillfully portrays her human and fae worlds, [The Wild Court] can be read as a standalone story and offers a highly engaging tale.

-Booklist, the magazine of the American Library Association

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"One of the best Genre Fiction entries this year for tonal unity & a sense of authorly mastery."

"... showed that fast-paced action can coexist with social relevance & complex characterization." -North Street Book Prize

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Book Bloggers & Podcasts

Y’all, this book — and this series as a whole — is RIVETING. It sunk its claws into me from the start and never let go 🔥

The Wild Court, the final installment in the Coming of Áed trilogy, follows Áed as he adventures through the faerie realm in the hopes of restoring peace to both sides of the veil. Set against the backdrop of war, the characters face internal and external struggles while grappling with the duality of the world around them — beauty and horror, curiosity and distrust.

And I just have to say: these characters are golden. Achingly tender, pure-intentioned, relatably uncertain… they are EVERYTHING 😭

So basically, if you haven’t picked up this series, you need to. That is all.  
-@all.you.read.is.love Instagram


★★★★★  "These books are so well put together, the writing is just fantastic... E.G.'s prose is wonderful... some extremely beautiful and poignant passages that really stay with you..."  
-Author and Book Blogger P.L. Stuart (Watch P.L.'s YouTube review)


"The ending to this book has such a complex combat scene that you get to witness from 3 different characters' points of view [...] Eamon's chapter during the siege is just beautiful, it's fantastic [...] it's just expertly written."  -The Conclave Cast (Listen to the discussion on Spotify)


★★★★★  I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t give this firecracker of a book the full review treatment...

I really need to point out just how good the writing is. It is beautifully smooth and evocative throughout, scenes are sumptuously described with a poetic, lyrical quality.

That’s not to say it’s flowery, the embellishments are dropped when it’s time to shed blood, and there’s plenty shed in THE WILD COURT. While there have been dark moments in the previous books, this is probably the darkest, both physically and emotionally. Full-scale war, abusive relationships, and more than a few swords sheathed in other people’s faces. The action scenes are fast, direct, and an awful lot of fun.

One of my favourite scenes in the book is when the party crosses the frozen lake and encounters the [REDACTED]. The blending of original ideas and mythology is seamless, making E.G. Radcliff to Celtic Mythology what Rick Riordan is to Greek Mythology.  -Bookends and Bagends Book Blog (read the full review)


★★★★★★★  There are so many things I want to say about this book but I can’t because I’m trying really hard not to give away too many spoilers! Suffice to say The Wild Court is a wild, emotional and highly enjoyable ride! I really enjoyed the previous two books in the series and gave The Last Prince 5 stars, but in this final installment E.G. Radcliff turns the dial up to eleven or maybe even twelve and I want to give it 7/5 stars!! Pre-order it now – you will not be sorry!  -Sue's Musings Book Blog (read the full review)


★★★★★  I loved The Wild Court. It perfectly completes Áed’s story, from the shy, broken young fae to the just and kind king. It was a beautifully written book and series. The Wild Court was well-paced, with amazing action evenly interspersed with character development. The characters were so well developed, with complete story arcs. I loved The Wild Court and the entire series of The Coming of Áed. [...] Her writing throughout this series always impressed me. The Wild Court, with its battle scenes, were so well done and I was thoroughly amazed at her writing  -The Book and Nature Professor Book Blog (read the full review)


★★★★★  Radcliff continues to impress with the richness of her prose, the complexity of her characters and the vividness of her settings. [...] The Wild Court, by EG Radcliff is a stunning and impressive final instalment to a rich, gritty and heartfelt series that engages your heart and mind. With strong themes of family, found family, trauma, tragedy, loss, power and war, Radcliff gives us an epic action-packed plot as well as an intensely emotional story personal to the characters. -KBBookReviews Book Blog (read the full review)


Following a cast of endearing characters as they navigate a medieval-type setting joined with a magical realm that hosts a faerie race, this series will entertain any fan of the fantasy genre. Beyond plots of cut-throat gangs, court scheming, and mischievous faerie folk, Radcliff imbues these stories with themes of found-family, loyalty, and comradery, as well as touching on deeper topics like trauma, abuse, and unhealthy dynamics in relationships.

The Wild Court is a thrilling conclusion to this series [and] fulfills the promises [the] previous books implied by injecting fantastical races, previously un-traversed settings brimming with other-worldliness, and, of course, lots and lots of magic. [...] It's sprawling with immense detail, fluid and natural dialogue, intriguing character dynamics, and a fresh setting that its predecessors had not yet explored. The book starts with a tense and explosive event that instantly draws the reader in 

-Jesse Nolan Bailey for Self Published Fantasy Month (read the full review)


Amazon (click to link)

★★★★★ I thoroughly enjoyed The Wild Court – once I finished it, I immediately went to pick up the earlier books in the series. Very highly recommended if you enjoy honest high fantasy with a strong Celtic flavor.


★★★★★ SO GOOD. Faeries at their finest.

★★★★★  It is one of the best final books in a trilogy I have read in a long time. The action begins right away and doesn't end until the final chapter. What an amazing book! Very well done! Worth reading- an epic finale!

★★★★★ Packed with sass, love, family, and action - this will give you all the feels while you are sitting on the edge of your seat.


To end Áeds story with such a grand scale of imagination was beyond fitting for this Trilogy that has held its audiences captive from the very beginning. [...] I was expecting the bar to be raised and the volume kicked up in this final installment of fantasy and I was not disappointed. Congratulations on a stupendous ending. Outstanding finish!

★★★★★ Who would have expected this tale to take such an epic direction? Not me, anyway. Radcliff's deft prose of the previous two books roped me into the lives of Aed, Ninian, and Ronan. Now she sends Aed et al off on a LOTR-style quest, complete with a perfectly mixed and mismatched group of fellow travelers; dangerous magic; shifting and surprise alliances; and epic battles, both internal and external. Excellent work! 

★★★★ The Wild Court is a fantastic, thrilling conclusion to this series. Whereas its predecessors relied heavily on character development rather than high amounts of magic or other expected fantasy tropes, this entry fulfills the promises those previous books implied by injecting fantastical races, previously un-traversed settings brimming with other worldliness, and, of course, lots and lots of magic.

★★★★★ ...once you've surrendered to the lightning-paced action you'll be gripping the book until its very last page.

★★★★★ Fantasy world-building at its best

Once again, Radcliff has created a vivid, intricate fantasy world--this time the faerie realm beyond the veil! An amazing novel, a must for anyone who enjoys skillful writing and immersive, original, magical fantasy worlds!

★★★★★ Gobsmacked--filled with amazement!

Exactly how I felt after reading The Wild Court. I realized early on that Áed and his wild court of human and fae friends were going to inhabit my heart for a long time. EG’s writing flows as smoothly as “if it was sailing on a placid pond;” her dialogue “cheerful and darkly intoxicated;” and her fantastical imagery “natural in an otherworldly sense.”

Goodreads (click to link)

★★★★★ The Hidden King makes The Last Prince better, and vice versa. Not often that happens.
And then we get to the last book in the trilogy…The Wild Court. This is where EG Radcliff cuts loose with the lore. NOW we get everything that’s been hinted at in the other books. This is the book where the supernatural rubber hits the road. [...] Honestly, I can’t rave about this series enough. It deserves all the high ratings and recognition it gets. It’s a series I’ll read over and over again. -Jon Ford, author (read full review)


★★★★★ Epic, expansive, and extraordinary, THE WILD COURT is a literary feast.


THIS is how you finish a series. THE COMING OF ÁED was love at first page, and the third book only escalated my obsession. E.G. Radcliff has outdone herself yet again as she ends this epic saga on the grandest of scales.

THE WILD COURT is a powerhouse conclusion to a sensational series. Radcliff is a remarkable talent, and she delivers a blockbuster finale. -Halo Scot, author (read the full review)


★★★★ The Wild Court is a wide ride. [...]  I hope that E.G. Radcliff has more stories to tell if not of Aed then maybe of the Faerie court. In this series she has dealt with some serious issues whilst telling wonderful stories around them. The messages are there wound beautifully around the amazing storylines, great characters which will stay with me for a long time and a certain wanting left behind of how these characters will grow. -Charlie, Goodreads


★★★★★  "... A study in duty, romance, and what it means to be a hero... The Wild Court is a powerful show of skill and craft that cements E. G. Radcliff’s place in literary canon for years to come." -Blake, Goodreads


★★★★  I was waiting for this book since I read The Hidden King last year. My waiting was rewarded with this beautiful finale ❤️

Just like the previous two books the words flow on the page and you are instantly swept away in the story (I really love how the author writes).

Highly recommend the books, you won't regret the time spent reading them. -Caesara, Goodreads


This book was extremely fun to read. There was magic, adventure, banter, and everything else you would love in a fantasy book. Each character is different in their own way and have their own unique personalities that make you fall in love with them. I couldn’t pick a favorite character. I was smiling half the time I was reading this book. It made me laugh and there were times where I had to pause just to scream, gasp, or smile. Every time I started reading, I couldn’t stop. E.G. Radcliff does an amazing job of keeping her readers engaged and entertained in this book. If you haven’t yet, go read The Hidden King and The Last Prince so you can read The Wild Court. You won’t regret it. -Doha
, Goodreads

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