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Chapter 5

Regan Wright | York Speech Team


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★★★★★  In an outstanding portrayal of his character by the writer, the reader gains insight into the man who played a most important role in Áed's life. Perfectly executed.

A well-earned 5 star rating.

★★★★★  Radcliff knows how to really drawn you into this world from page one.

★★★★★ Engrossing- even better than the first one

★★★★★ A wickedly smart decision to jump back in time

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★★★★★ Fantastic, heart wrenching tale

Editorial Reviews
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"The author writes with an immediacy that makes the Maze’s dark setting feel relatable and contemporary. Her take on the genre is more subtle and human than many fantasies; in lieu of grizzled monsters, burnished knights and grand feats of magic, she opts for human connection and nuanced mysticism.  [...] young adult fantasy fans will find this character-driven offering a refreshing approach to the genre." -Blue Ink Reviews (read the full review)

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"Radcliff impressively portrays how the boys’ bond gains importance and writes with an immediacy that makes the setting feel relatable and contemporary. Readers of Radcliff’s first novel, The Hidden King (2019) will appreciate this in-depth exploration of the series’ principal characters. Yet the story also stands alone, a compelling tribute to the strength of empathy and uselessness of prejudice." -Booklist (read the full review)

Book Bloggers

★★★★★  Everything that I loved about The Hidden King is here but bigger, brighter, and better. [...] Radcliff has such a spectacular gift of being to able capture both humanity and emotion, taking it and sculpting vibrant, living characters. If you’ve already read The Hidden King, I don’t doubt that you’ll already be deeply invested in both Ninian and Áed. Prepare to be blown away at just how much more developed and nuanced they are here. 

Radcliff’s use of language coupled with such intricate detail, create a world that is nothing short of breathtaking.

The language is both lyrical and polished, creating strong emotional and sensory connections to the scene.

The Last Prince is such a beautiful, well-written book; it was an absolute delight to read. Having read The Hidden King, I was expecting a good book, but in truth, I was completely blown away with just how much Radcliff’s writing has levelled-up.


If you want hearts laid bare, deep, profound, human characters E.G Radcliff is staking a claim to being the best in the business. -BookendsandBagends Book Blog (read the full review)

★★★★ The Last Prince, by EG Radcliff is another beautiful and captivating instalment in this epic YA series. [...]

The narrative and writing is brilliant, effective, evocative and impactful allowing us to easily connect with the characters, follow the story and picture the settings. [...] The story/plot is incredibly unique, it is a story of tragedy, heartache, family, love and humanity infused with Gaelic/Celtic myth and magic. 

The characters are the true highlight of this book, their development over the course of the story is brilliant, they are diverse, multi-dimensional, and real. Every character has strong characterisation that makes you feel for them, whether it is empathy or hatred, and Radcliff plays with preconceptions making you fall in love with the characters over and over again.

I adored the sprinkle of Celtic/Gaelic magic, the fictional world and the fantasy woven into the words – it was beautiful and rich. The characters and their relationships were brilliantly crafted, realistic and memorable and I loved every minute of it.  -KBBookReviews Book Blog (read the full review)

★★★★★ At first, I candidly admit that I found it a curious choice to write the follow-up book in a series  about the events that took place before the first book. Moreover, I was concerned that, knowing [spoiler], I would not be as invested in reading about prior happenings. Wow, was I mistaken! This poignant, heart-wrenching, beautiful book greatly moved me, and now I can't envision reading this series any other way, than having the second book as a prequel.
As with the previous book, Radcliff's prose is delightful. Her stellar writing style is very eloquent, but simultaneously simple. At around 325 pages, this book can be read quickly, but one will want to take sufficient time to absorb Radcliff's lovely writing. 
Radcliff really earns her stars in this five-star read, a tale of struggle, survival, and love that is emotional, haunting, and ultimately unforgettable.

 -P.L. Stuart, Author, Assistant Editor of Before We Go Book Blog (read the full review) SPOILERS!

★★★★★ Similar to The Hidden King, The Last Prince is full of beautiful prose – I really love E G Radcliff’s talented writing style and the character building is masterful. I would highly recommend The Last Prince to people who enjoy low fantasy with romance, well developed characterisation and gorgeous prose!

 -Sue's Musings Book Blog (read the full review)

★★★★★ & ★★★★★ I highly recommend this series. It is a beautifully crafted story. If you need the stars for ratings, I would give them both a 5. Even though the genre is young adult, I know everyone will love to read this series.  -The Book and Nature Professor Book Blog (read the full spoiler-free review)

★★★★★ This is one of those books that swept me away, though it happens to be that I picked up The Hidden King first, and was swept away by its opening and knew I’d love these characters.   -Enthralled by Love Book Blog  (read the full review) SPOILERS!

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★★★★★  This book crafts a beautifully written tale of two young boys, broken in very different ways. Aed and Ninian. [] Where The Hidden King was ostensibly Aed’s book, this one is very much Ninian’s. It gives real depth to him, fleshing out a backstory that rounds the character out into deeper clarity [...] the storytelling [] is sublime. I heartily recommend this book. It’s truly wonderful. -Jon Ford, Goodreads

★★★★★ A heartbreaking but beautiful novel that deserves every star. -Aina, Goodreads

★★★★★  I loved "The Hidden King", but I think this one is even better - the story arc is just right, and the psychological turmoil of the main character is so well done. Ninian's reeling path - into desperation, gang membership, more desperation, and then refuge, in the most unlikely place - was gripping and believable. He's a fascinating character: part brawler, part aristocrat, a street orphan with a childhood knowledge of a loving family. The organic growth of his relationship with Aed into one of love and family was excellent. The grander Literary Conflict - one character is Fae, the other raised to be a Fae hunter - rumbles with growing tension in the background. -Author Cym Aros, Amazon

★★★★★  Radcliff’s storytelling reminds me why I fell in love with reading in the first place.. [...] Visual and immersive, the prose sings off the page. This series is so sharply written. [...] Book 2 is a prequel, and it works so well. I loved seeing Áed through Ninian’s eyes, since we saw Ninian through Áed’s eyes in THE HIDDEN KING (Book 1). This mirrored perception is intriguing and insightful.


There are gangs and magic, love and loss, pain and promise and power. One of the many things I love about Radcliff’s writing is that the fantasy is firmly rooted in reality, making it widely applicable. Every fantastical element serves a relatable purpose, and the story transcends genre. -Author Halo Scot, Goodreads

★★★★★  Fantastic Storytelling.  The Last Prince reminded me strongly of 'Six of Crows' by Leigh Bardugo. The Maze is vividly brought to life in a fantastic tale of friendship, gangs and faerie magic. Radcliff is a rising star in the world of fantasy fiction and I can't wait for the next book in the series. -Amazon UK reviewer

★★★★★  This was amazing! I wasn't expecting this book to be about Ninian. And I was so happy when I started the first chapters and realized it was about him. I loved him from the first book and really wanted to learn more about him and how his relationship with Aed began. And I have to say I wasn't disappointed. I loved every line in this book ❤❤❤ -Sara, Goodreads

★★★★★  A brilliant followup to 2019’s THE HIDDEN KING, THE LAST PRINCE builds upon the mythology of its predecessor and weaves a tale of heroism, resilience, and friendship. Fast-paced and gripping, THE LAST PRINCE tells the story of Ninian, Áed’s lover from the first book, and a hero in his own right. E. G. Radcliff delivers a sequel that is every bit as magical as her debut, all while shifting her storytelling and writing into another gear. -Blake, Goodreads

★★★★★  This is a prequel to The Hidden King, which I really enjoyed. But I loved The Last Prince even more! The author weaves an immersive fantasy world, full of rich detail. For me, the heart of the story is the connection between Ninian and Aed. It's beautiful how these two lonely boys--and later, men--find safety and love together. -A.N. Willis, Goodreads

★★★★  The Last Prince by E.G. Radcliffe is undoubtedly the most intriguing book I have ever read. I truly wished there was more to the book because I could not put it down what so ever; not a coincidence that I had the same feeling when I read The Hidden King. -Julia, Goodreads

★★★★★  ...a story of two people who mutually inspire each other to live. And as Hayao Miyazaki says, "perhaps [that is] closer to portraying a true expression of love." EG Radcliff definitely shows that here.

-Amanda, Goodreads

★★★★  After loving The Hidden King, I couldn’t wait to read the second one in the series. The investment I had in the characters had me wanting to know more. Radcliff delivered with Ninian’s back story. Now to wait for the next installment in 2021. Sigh. -Heather, NetGalley

★★★★★  A masterfully crafted [prequel] sequel to The Hidden King
EG Radcliffe succeeds in bringing an equally engaging follow up to her first book in this series. Eloquently written this is a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read. The author’s use of descriptive language draws you in to the characters’ world so vividly you feel their every emotion. The story itself keeps your attention throughout and If you’re a fan of fantasy novels you’ll love this one. This author is one to watch. -Adele, BookSprout

★★★★★  I came to this book knowing nothing about it . Did not know that this was the second book in a series but as it turns out that wasn’t important the book is actually a prequel probably my favourite book so far this year just wonderful storytelling beautiful characters a great all-round experience cannot wait for book 3 I’m now reading book one. -Avalon, Bookseller, NetGalley

★★★★★  When I first read The Hidden King, I was strongly drawn to Ninian, perhaps even more than I was to the Aed, the main character. Why did he join his gang? How did he learn how to fight? What secrets was he keeping?

Fortunately, The Last Prince answers these questions and more and is a wonderful read besides. We follow Ninian at 11 years old as he struggles to survive alone on the streets. A misunderstanding with a gruff shopkeeper drives Ninian to his gang where he is forced to do things things that sicken him. His respite is his delicate, burgeoning connection with Aed, a boy his own age who has undergone a mysterious trauma equal to Ninian's own. The blossoming of their bond forms the heart of the story.

If you're looking for a fantasy series with keenly observed characters, Celtic influences, and a strong emotional core, read The Last Prince. Even if this isn't what you're looking for, give it a try anyway--I think you'll enjoy it. -A. Murphy, Amazon, EPL Librarian

★★★★★  The Last Prince is a masterful showcase of how vulnerability is the root of strength. A strong second showing of E.G. Radcliff's emotional writing style; I adored how she brought us back in time for the second book in this series. The first book, The Hidden King, focused on Áed as Ninian was (spoiler alert for The Hidden King) no longer present in his life. The wickedly smart decision to then, jump back in time and show Ninian as the main character, and how Aed and Ninian meet, made me want to read The Hidden King all over again. E.G. Radcliff has now made my heart ache twice, and I cannot wait to experience more of what is to come from her grasp on human emotions and the writing craft.⁣
-Jessi, Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram

★★★★★  [...] The things I loved:  Everything.

I loved seeing how Ninian ended up in a gang.
I loved the writing.
I loved the growing bond between Ninian and Aed.
I love the cover (front and back).
I love how the brand is cresent moon.
I love how all the characters who fight feel like they fight differently.
I love our dear Shopkeeper, Mael.
I love how the gang is portrayed, like they defend and protect their own but if their own betray them or leave, they'll hunt them down and kill them.
I love the dark themes and how they were presented.
I love how all of the characters are written, even the ones that are clearly in the wrong or are bad.
I love Ninian.
I loved the time skip and how genuine Ninian's and Aed's relationship feels even with the time skip.
I love the jingle bell Seer.
I love trash child.

Did I mention I love this book?? Or how much I love this book?? Or how I'm eagerly waiting the delivery for the first book now??

Also, my heart is not okay because I haven't read the first book and plan to do so as soon as I get my hands on it, but I'm pretty sure I know what the tragedy is going to be, just given by how this prequel ended off on. You can't be breaking my heart like this. I will be a sobbing mess if this happens and I'm not ready.
-SER,  Goodreads,

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