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Taking Up My Pen, Without Words

The run up to launching a book has lots of moving parts. Sometimes it's good to take a breather, and my go-to respite is drawing (or laying in the grass looking for meteors in the night sky).

Rather than write for this week's post, I drew instead. I have a new series shaping up in my head and drawing is one way I fully realize my characters. I'm having some fun with it!

I'll post this in full color when I finish it.

The Last Prince, a prequel to The Hidden King and book two in The Coming of Áed trilogy, goes live in paperback and Kindle ebook formats in 2 days (August 6th)! I just might need a nap.😉

E.G. RADCLIFF IS AN INCURABLE WRITER and lifelong imaginer of worlds. An insatiable reader and researcher with a penchant for all things Celtic and a love of the mysterious and magical, she brings a knowing touch to her Young Adult fiction.

She enjoys adventure, reading on the train, and dreams about flying.

She is a Chicago native and is based in Illinois.

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