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A Winter Gift

I have illustrated a cozy winter scene for my readers, with characters from my series The Coming of Áed--Éamon, Erin, Ronan and Áed himself. You might find copies of The Hidden King, The Last Prince and The Wild Court on the bookshelf, and of course my Sushi makes a guest appearance hanging out with Ronan.

To see high resolution versions of this scene and all the art from THE WILD COURT, as well as exclusive bonus material for the trilogy, click here to become a subscriber! There is always a bit of fun to be had.

Happy Holidays to all!

E.G. RADCLIFF IS A PART-TIME pooka and native of the Unseelie Court. She collects acorns, glass beads, and pretty rocks, and the crows outside her house know her as She Who Has Bread. Her fantasy novels are crafted in the dead of night after offering sacrifices of almonds and red wine to the writing-block deities.

You can reach her by scrying bowl, carrier pigeon, or @egradcliff on social media.

I may earn a tiny commission from links in this post


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