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 On multiple "Amazon Top 100 Lists"
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"...the writing is crisp and the worldbuilding is rich in this promising series opener with faerie influences."

-Publishers Weekly

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"[...] a fast-paced thrill ride through an intriguing world. Evocative prose brings the story to life, with characters who are intriguing, and whose relationships enrich the plot. The story stands on its own, but the ending opens up a world of possibilities. Well-written, focused, entertaining. I especially appreciate the author's elegant and evocative writing style.

-International Review of Books

"Radcliff brings the main characters fully alive, enhancing them with intriguing supporting characters […]. The story moves at a fast  pace, and readers will find stirring action scenes and an engaging writing style. […] With its unusual characters and compelling story, The Hidden King will be enjoyed by fantasy readers of all  ages."

-BlueInk Reviews

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"The characters in The Hidden King are the kind of people you root for."

-Independent Book Review

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Fiery high fantasy crackling with atmosphere,

wrenching tragedy, and fast-moving action.

International Review of Books -- BGS --


Map of The Gut

Download a beautiful, full-color map of the territory of The Hidden King, illustrated by the artist in ink, watercolor, and colored pencil, as a reading companion, or for framing!

Map of The Maze

Access a beautiful full-color digital map of The Maze to accompany The Last Prince. Illustrated by the author E.G. Radcliff using Sketchbook Pro and a Surface pen.

Readers & Book Groups

Talk amongst yourselves… with these discussion questions for readers and book clubs!

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